Why I Stopped Eating Corpses

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Have you ever tried to eat a piece of wood? Or maybe a leaf on the ground or a stone? According to a cook I follow, eating meat might just be the same as eating those.

I used to eat fast-foods every two days or so, I was raised to eat meat at every meal, except for breakfast. And I used to love to eat meat. I come from a Spanish family so you can guess which kind of meat we like to eat, that one that is really fat.

That cook and naturopath who I follow is Irene Grosjean and I think she’s one of the wisest people I’ve heard talking about food in the past decade. Actually, since I heard her talking on a video on YouTube called “La Vie en Abondance” – Life in Abundance – my way of seeing food has totally changed.

And I must say that since the pandemic happened, we should all start to take responsibility for the part we all have to take in the wellness of the world. Don’t you think the planet has been calling out to us? We all can take a little step towards more awareness considering what is good or bad for it.

More and more people seem to decide to stop eating meat. Why so? There are different views on the subject, some people might stop for environmental reason, others ones could lessen their consumption because of health issues ; some even take that step just to live better.

1 – The planet has tried to tell us to eat less meat

Not enough people realise it yet but when we talk about climate change this isn’t only about our cars, planes and private consumption of gas. 

The fact that a majority of people eat meat make some other people want to product a lot to sell more and have loads of money. And when you produce a lot of meat, you produce too much greenhouse gas only by feeding the animals, so just imagine what it takes to medicate them, to make them drink, or just to let them live outdoors – for the least that can.

The production of meat leads to the pollution of our oceans. Do you really think that nitrogen, phosphorus, antibiotics and pesticides are good for our water, aquatic or even human life? I’ve never heard anyone tell me that we should eat those everyday in order to be healthy.

More than 25 billion animals are killed by the meat industry each year. Every second, one football field of rainforest is destroyed in order to produce 257 hamburgers.

Do you realise that 70% of all agricultural land is used for rearing farmed animals? Don’t you find that crazy? I’m not saying that we should all stop eating meat but if we could all lessen our consumption, it would do a lot of good to the planet, I’m sure of it.

We live in a consumer society and the more we eat meat, the more we contribute to it. We have meat in every meal. I has become an illness for us. Actually I’m working on a film project that criticise our consumer society, you can see it on my article Docu-Project :The Internal Change Happening Within and Outside of Us.

I’ll come back another day on this point, but you can still go to this website if you’re interested.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


2 – My body needs healthy food

As I said earlier on my article 4 Different Ways Our Body Ingest Energy, we’re not supposed to eat chemicals. When an animal you’re eating has had antibiotics for its entire life, be sure to eat them at the same time.

It is easy to lecture someone who has decided to become vegetarian/vegan and tell them that we have to eat meat for our own good. But have you ever consider the fact that you are eating meat only because you were taught to? What if that was just a matter of tradition?

As a matter of fact, as Irene Grosjean says it in La Vie en Abondance -with English subtitles-, our body can’t make life happen by eating dead things. If we must eat meat, we therefore have to have a body that can digest it. However, we do not have a carnivorous digestive system but an herbivorous one. Our intestines are long and could even be ones of a frugivore.

We are indeed eating corpses. When I realised what Irene was saying, it hit me. Of course you can argue that you won’t find all the nutriments you need in a plant-based diet ; are you really sure? I’ve heard that B12 vitamin for instance is only found in red meat. Guess what, I get mine in malted yeast, which by the way also replaces cheese since it has the same smell and taste. What about the proteins? Look for red beans, chickpeas, lentils.

I have a friend who’s been sick and that is feeling better and has less medications to take thanks to her plant-based diet ; she hasn’t eaten any animal product for 12 years. I’m far behind and I’ve stopped eating meat for 2 years now. We are both incredibly healthy!

This website put it in another way :

“Deprived of veterinary care, exercise, sunlight, and even the feel of grass beneath their feet, these living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings, whose senses are so much like our own, suffer and die at the rate of millions per day just so that we can have burgers, patties, nuggets, and wieners. Deciding what we will eat means choosing between the horrors of factory farming and respect for animals.”

Some people, like myself, have to stop eating meat for health issues. I know I get really really sick if I come to eat something made with cow milk, which narrows down what I can eat and subsequently led me to stop eating meat, because I realised that it is far from good for us. My physiologist advised me to stop eating meat because I had back problems and guess what? They’ve disappeared now..

When you start becoming a vegetarian, you start by looking at all the label of the things you used to buy and realise that there is meat – or lactose for people with my case – everywhere, even in candies. And then you think about all the animals that must have died to produce that food.

We see in this article that the vegetarian diet is better for us, no matter your health issue and even if you don’t have one.

“A plant-based vegetarian diet is healthier and can prevent diseases. According to the American Dietetic Association, vegetarians have a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, colon cancer, adult-onset diabetes, osteoporosis, gout, gallstones, kidney stones, lung cancer, and breast cancer. A low fat vegetarian diet, combined with regular exercise, helps reduce blood pressure and can control, or even eliminate, non-insulin dependent diabetes.”

May your food be your medicine 


3 – I am curious

It might be a shock for some people but eating vegetarian helped me to discover new kinds of food and I’m not eating the same things everyday, not at all.

The start is difficult, like anything else, because you need to know and look for some recipes. But as soon as you do, you start getting what you need and have everything in your house. You do have to cook – in the same way as meat – but trust me, it’s really good.

You don’t know what to do? Start cooking some vegetables, add rice, let simmer for a minute or two, water that, add some spices that you like and you get a home-made “paella”.

You like to have a kebab or something fat? Trust me, you can have that as well. And I’m deploring the fact that we don’t have a lot of vegan option in France because in the US they do.

But it is still important to eat well. It’s not because you’re going vegetarian that you can eat whatever you want because you’re just eating vegetables. Eating pizzas and veggie burgers everyday is still considered not eating well. But eating vegetables is a good start towards a healthier life.

The fact is that there is enough food in the world for everyone. But tragically, much of the world’s food and land resources are tied-up in producing beef and livestock-food for the well-off, while millions of children and adults suffer from malnutrition and starvation.

Dr. Walden Bello, executive director of Food First, Institute for Food and Development Policy.

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4 minutes reading

Today I’m writing from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The end of another lucky travel for me. Quick but so much fun. Days felt like minutes here! There’s always something going on at any hour of the day. It’s a city like no other where you feel transported in the past at the same time as pushed forward into the future.

For me, travels forge intelligence. By seeing what others do, one is more able to make your choices and therefore to see if your country does things according to your own value. In short, to see who’s right. But not right according to something the society might be saying but right according to your own view of the system you’re in. We’re all in a system, we live in our little worlds connected to one another.

We have to be thankful for the place we live in but then again, as we say : “Grass is always greener next door”. We will always want to see what others do and that curiosity is actually what makes us grow. Always wanting to learn new things, never do the same thing in a row. Curiosity can be a good thing if you try to play with it.

We usually hear that we should all go to a new place, meet new people, do something new and so on every months. And by being always curious, you certainly can be thankful for what you have, it’s more easier. Sometimes you have to make it your own way to make it work and that’s exactly how it’s going to work. If one is curious enough, one dare listen to its heart and let it drive.

It’s crazy to see how things are different here. I’m vegetarian and being vegetarian in France can be quite difficult, sometimes I even have to take the food I can’t eat off my meals. In the last countries I went to, things were so easy for a vegan, just like in Amsterdam, there’s a vegan option in almost every place you go. More convenient when you’re not necessarily eating with vegan people.

Furthermore, I always wondered why we hear that there is too much plastic in our oceans and then see a single cookie packed in another box full of other single packed cookies. That’s just an example but it’s crazy sometimes. Even in our organic main shops in France we see those things. They tell you to eat well for the planet and then make you buy a little more plastic to let spread into the oceans. In other countries, here in the Netherlands for instance, you can find the first plastic free shop! Which is saying a lot. You’re advised not to buy plastic and always have another option, wood, cardboard, reusable plastic etc… Even on our way here, we had coffees served with compostable cups in the flight! I wonder why we don’t choose the right solution when there is one, we know there’s plenty of things available if we really want to change things quickly. That is actually an idea I’m going to develop in a few articles, how we should always be aware of what comes into our bodies.

You can find a lot of structures built for people working on their own, where they can come and work in an open space with other workers. A good way to share idea and connect, therefore, expand. It feels like everything is thought differently here.

The mood isn’t the same, as many of you know, you can smell weed anywhere so it might explain what I’m saying…

Joke aside, the city is really quiet, everyone drives a bike or take the public transports so you can’t hear a multitude of cars. But I have to say it, there’s A LOT of bikes! Too many, I heard there’s more bikes than there is Amsterdamers. I sure know there’s too many, I almost got hit by a bike and a tram ! But I think part of this respectful mood comes from the fact that you can have a €90 fine if you drink alcohol outside and a €140 one in case of littering, another good I idea if you ask me.

Everyone is welcomed, everyone cohabit. Even though we hear about all the crazy things that happen here, they also have a lot religious people from very different background. In front of Centraal Station, one of the buildings that welcomes you has « JESUS LOVES YOU » written on its wall. You might even find an Hindu temple near you.

And also guys, it might come has a shock for you but you can’t actually smoke weed in Amsterdam. Well at least it’s not legal to, it’s just tolerated. It’s crazy to see what happens when the people decide and not the government. Coffee shops have a right to sell coffee yes but for the rest, “it’s not declared”. The people are respectful and mature enough to decide on their own so that the government make it « tolerated ». It might actually be declared and everyone gets a little something. And that’s why this society works, at the beginning the city was built for its canals, anyone could pass by to sell things in the commercial port. So I’m here in a place where everyone gets its part on the deal ; as long as everyone is happy, things go well. 

Nevertheless, everything here is expensive. Coffee is €3, a metro ticket is €3,20 (in Paris it’s still €1,90 to compare). But if you’re curious enough to look online why so, you find that the Netherlands have one of Europe’s highest minimum wage. That should explain why so many people want to come live here.

I wouldn’t though.. cause this place is too cold for me. I stayed for 5 days and I didn’t see ANY sun – maybe a little bit of blue sky – and I am one of those who need to actually feel the sun. Maybe going there on the winter wasn’t helpful I know. What could make me live here though is that this city is cosmopolitan. I met wonderful Brazileros and Australian people for instance. 

And it’s also a romantic place where you can wonder on a cruise on the canals, loose yourself in the narrow streets, even loose yourself in the past by going in an old movie place or in the museums (Anne Frank’s home or Van Gogh museum to cite only two). Maybe you want to watch a play in the City Theatre or enjoy a nice pubcrawl … Almost too many choices don’t you think?

I’m happy that I was able to visit this wonderful city. Even though I wouldn’t go everywhere in the city with my children – no need to explain what is happening in Amsterdam Red Quarter – we can find many things to take as an example, a lot of them are working there and some of the ideas are worth considering.

If you’re looking for a quiet place where you can enjoy yourself, have a good time, discover the culture and come back home rested, then Amsterdam is definitely a place you should visit, you’ll be more than welcomed almost everywhere… But don’t forget to have some cash on you, in case you need to go to the toilets, you might have to spend €0,50 every time. And they won’t let you even if you show them you don’t have any cash left trust me! But it’s ok, you’ll find an ATM hidden in the next corner shop, you will spend that money.

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