Here are the projects I have worked on

You will find the ones I am currently working on below

Beloved China

A 10 minute documentary filmed in China.

Vive la Libre Entreprise

Long Live the Small Company in English. A play by Guy foissy which we showed 5 times.

Artistic director and model
Artistic director and model
Staging a show with 13 children
Photographs and travels

This one has been taken in Oregon, USA.

Voice over

For a commercial for Groupe Art’s

Dancer and choreographer for a festival
Staging a show with 16 children
Audio translator
Staging a musical
Host of an awards ceremony

No pictures available for this one but I had the chance to host an awards ceremony.

And those are the ones I am currently working on

The Inner Change

A documentary project from India to Australia to analyse our consumer society.

You can find out more about this project on my article On Being Childlike.

Theatre creation

Impossible to tell you more about it now but I am currently preparing a show that will be a theatre creation.

It must remain secret. More information on this when we’ll be able to launch the project next year.

Classes available in France

I am offering drama and yoga-meditation classes.

I wish I could say more

Stay tuned. 2021 will see many more projects hapenning around here.

Vive la Libre Entreprise

Long Live the Small Company in English. We are still working on this one as well and will be on stage early 2021.

More informations soon.

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