Pause – Silence


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Welcome back! Today’s post will be a short one.

Only because I’m actually doing a silent mediation retreat and I pre-wrote this post so you would keep being posted and know what is coming up in the blog.

Here are the next articles that will be posting in the blog.

We will talk about what is a silent retreat and what I gained from it.

I’ll explain how having a vegetarian/vegan diet is better for our mental and physical health as well as for our planet.

Then, it will give me space to talk to you about Ayurveda.

And because we already talked about many vast subject, we will take time to dive into them more specifically. What can we gain from all those? How can mediation, yoga, Ayurveda, veganism, travels, and even the corona virus, can benefit to us?

Be sure to stay tuned to know all about it.

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Be well.



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