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I am a little late this week but there is an explanation. Mr President Macron here in France announced on Monday that we would have to stay locked down for another month. Actually I think it’s pretty much the same in every countries but the information we get don’t make sense if you ask me and there is plenty of things to be confused about. We hear one thing and then we hear another, we don’t know who to listen to and it’s pretty frustrating. 

So it was difficult to find something to write about. I thought I would share things I’m doing during this lock down and in particular share websites that have been helpful to me. And this should be my last article about the corona virus, because I think we all need to hear something else than what fire our anxiety. Expect if you want me to write more about it.

I know I said that we have to take advantage of this time alone and work into things we didn’t have the opportunity before. And it is true, I’m still saying this. But this time, I advise you to scream when you feel the need to, to cry if you want to and to have a walk and enjoy a bit of sun. Sometimes one have to listen to its needs. I know we’re supposed to be locked down but we still have the right to live. And when you live in a little flat with no balcony or garden believe me you have to go outside sometimes.

It’s okay to have a drink sometimes. It is okay to play games and have fun more than usual. The thing is, you just can’t loose your goal and give up on you. That’s why I keep saying that we have to take advantage of this lock down.

To do so, I have prepared a list of all the things we could do that I think aren’t boring and still keep us going. It is a fact, if we stay active and continue to work and have a healthy lifestyle, it is going to be easier to go back to “normal” – I’m not expecting things we’ll be the way we used to know – when lock down is finished. 

I’m sorry to say it but we should continue to have weeks and weekends, try to stay active and focused during weekdays and more relaxed during weekends. At least that’s the easiest way to tell you’re body you’re still in the race.

I don’t need to tell you what is good or isn’t for you. You’re grown up enough to realise that you spend way too much time in front of screens – same for me – for instance …

In order to stay in the race, I think taking time – because you do have it – to read a book would be really good for everyone of us. Even if the book you’re reading is considered simple, it’s still a good place to start. For instance, my girlfriend advised me to read the 8th tome of Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter and I loved reading the play, unfortunately it’s really easy and quick to read but it gave me the urge to read again. And if you don’t have a lot of books, you can still go online, there is plenty of free ebooks. You can find them here : (give your email address to have 5 free ebooks per month, I tried it).

Why don’t you try to cook?? Just type the ingredients you have home on you search engine and you’ll find a recipe with it! Or just let you’re imagination go and create something of your own. Look, the homemade ravioles I cooked, I’m not a cook and I guarantee you this took me some time to realise!

And since you cook, or maybe when you just clean your place or have a walk, why don’t you try listening to a podcast? I think they’re great for cheering you up and make you learn great things. I could share a lot of them but if I’d have to choose two I would suggest one if you’re curious about spirituality the Highest Self Podcast (the link is to Soundcloud but you can also download any podcast app on smartphone or computer) is quite resourceful and easy to listen to. Simplexity with Alyson Stoner (link to YouTube playlist) is another one that I like to listen to on various subjects.

And I do love Ted Talks, they’re really great and have loads of inspirational subjects, here’s their website. Try The Fringe Benefit of Failure by JK Rowling on their platform!

You like watching movies? Then why don’t you open your horizons and try watching something new? I would definitely suggest The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Dark Tourist or Explained on Netflix, all really great series I loved watching. Or maybe an old movie, like City of Angels with Nicolas Cage or The Matrix.

You even have the possibility of watching plays from Shakespeare’s Globe!

You can even find a free online course about something you’re interested in! There is Coursera, iTunes U or even Iversity.

I guarantee you doing those things will make you want to take more time and take care of yourself. Personally, I take time to meditate, I share it on this article and to do yoga, I share it on this one. I’m not saying you should do the same but maybe find that one workout you like to do to keep you going. And workout CAN be meditation!

And finally make love, do yourself – and your partner – some good and have a little fun. It’s okay, you have time and this will make you feel better.

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And you, what is your favourite thing to do during this lock down? Please share!

Stay tuned, we will have a « guest » in the next article…



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8 commentaires

  1. Hello Ben,
    Some great ideas for staying grounded during this unprecedented time in our history. I agree staying healthy mentally and physically is essential through some of the suggestions you made. I especially find trying new recipes for the family, slowing down to be quiet with self through mediation, yoga or even afternoon naps has been regenerative.

    Another idea I shared with our daughter is to write postcard or letters to friends or family members we don’t have the opportunity to see often now.

    Thank you again for this positive contribution to ways we can continue to ‘be’ during these uncertain times.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Hello Sam,
      Thank you for sharing!

      What a great idea you had. I didn’t share it on my post but staying connected to our loved ones is definitely one of the ways to stay positive, loved and loving during these times.

      I’m happy to know my article is bringing a positive contribution!
      Peace to you


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