Ancient wisdom, same beings.


Let’s now take my previous article words to articulate the next subjects that we will be talking about and introduce the next article we will be publishing on this website.

We heard, in life, there is two main guidelines :

  • My life is my own and I should make the most of it.
  • I cannot exist without others.

There’s this duality between the two. How can I be thoughtful enough towards myself without being selfish? Is being selfish bad? How can I benefit from others without taking up all the space I have? Is working hard compatible with being conscious of what I do?

We always hear “do it better than your own self”, “always work hard”… But, what if letting space in our daily life could actually make us more productive and aware of our own personal road?

We are meant to feel present, conscious and serene at all times. On the contrario of what we can hear on the mainstream medias, being overbooked is not ok, letting society or even someone else decide about your life for yourself isn’t normal, each of us has a specific way of apprehending life. What is happening to others isn’t necessarily supposed to happen to me.

I would say : always be at your best, part time. Learn to listen to yourself and to accept the moments where you need to rest. Enjoy resting, and preserve yourself for that working time. 

We won’t be able to live in the world without learning first how to live by ourselves. The qualities that we would love to have are already inside us, but need to be cultivated in those moments where we are alone. Those moments are that opportunity to be patient and to let go.

The more I travel, the more I come across ancient wisdom. That one, which generally comes from Asia, who teaches you to take time to meditate, take care of your body and soul and to listen to your instinct. This wisdom that leads me to take a step back from society.

Thanks to the time I take for myself, at least 5 minutes a day, I can be more present for everything else that is needed from me. The regularity counts, not the time you take for it. It’s not a discipline but instead a time to charge the batteries to their full potential.

A little change in my habits that help everyday to be a better “me”. I stopped eating meat, little by little stopped watching TV, not any loan is threatening me anymore, my anxieties fade away… In short, I move away from society and the problems of the world only touch me less and less.

Problem is, the miracle solution do not exist, everything takes time. I would like to show how necessary it is for our planet on one hand yes but also on the other hand for our own sake to take care of us.

But yes, we indeed are all connected. We wouldn’t exist without others to witness it and live beside us. It would be difficult to work by our own for example, we will always need

the support and help from others to expand our vision, even if that help comes from a simple client. As said here on my first article, we all need each other. 

It may seem paradoxical but because we take time for ourselves a little bit everyday, we are more receptive to what life can offer us, and therefore, to others around us. 

Even scientific say it now. We are inter-connected beings living in a magnetic field that connects us all. If I’m good, my neighbour will be good as well. Even in psychology. But no need to study to know this. When I smile, my neighbour will want to smile as well. If I’m in a bad day, it’s going to be hard for me to make a child smile. It’s important to be its own example, and by being it to show the way to those in need.

Little by little, I’ve come to learn about this ancient wisdom. I’ve come to learn that meditation is good for you. Yoga will help you dedicate yourself to your life. Being vegetarian opens up your eyes. Ayurveda may be millenary old, it takes you back to the root of our civilisations and wellbeing …

In short, in order to be available enough for others and the world, be thoughtful and do good where you go, you have to be that way with yourself. Be able to listen to yourself means to be able to listen the world around us.

All those are some of the topics we will be talking about for the launching of this website. Having always in mind cultivating listening, cultivating this magic I’m talking about.

So be sure to stay tuned.

More soon.



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