Be your best self for your own self


In our world today, we always have to be at our best, to say nice things, to do everything we can to please everyone around us and to show how better we are better compared to our competitor.

The problem is, we aren’t able to listen anymore. We’ve accepted the fact that we have to talk to prove ourselves. But the more we try to prove ourselves to others, the more we stop believing in us. Other people’s opinion is becoming far more important than our own. 

But who is living our life but us?

The more I try to tell everyone how my life is going, what thing I should or shouldn’t do, the new habits I have that I’m trying to get used to, the more I find myself caught up in this “do it better than anyone else” motto that we all seem to share.

Instead of showing off and proving everyone our own value.

Instead of trying to catch the eye of the person in front of you.

Instead of explaining to everyone how good you are.

Instead of trying to sell yourself to your next date or boss.

We should start by living our best life for our own self.

Listen, always. Learn to shut up and let things happen.

We can be able to let space for things that indeed will be uncertain but far more right. We should always try to let ourselves discover the unknown. That unknown who knows how to surprise ourselves and show us “beyond”.

Beyond the unknown, beyond dreams and beyond all human perception.

Barriers do exist but in the blink of eye, in the next right moment, when you let yourself be, they are pushed back and rearranged.

Listen, let go in the moment, articulating the fewer words possible to let space for the purity of the moment, of the words that compose it.

By taking up all the space and time, we prevent ourselves from discovering the magic of life, the one that will show you the next step to take, the one that is made of peace.

Again, life is magical. And that magic comes from those moments where you accept to receive.

To be continued …



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