I decided to open this website so I would let my creative mind do the work and inspire others. Why are we all here except to be an example to others around us? Nobody’s perfect and that is exactly why we should all share our strenghts and weaknesses.

So, welcome to you all. And since we’re still in January, I wish you all a great 2020 ; may this new year bring you joy, laughter, love, discoveries, adventures and hardships as well. It may be weird to wish for hardships but they are the ones that help us grow and learn, we should therefore cherish them when they are here and be grateful for them when they’re finally gone.

I don’t believe in luck. I believe everything you live is supposed to happen to you. Therefore, I believe you’re here for a reason. 

We’ll be talking about sharing, having a purpose, understanding life (or not understanding it), asking, receiving … being human.

We all need each other. Nobody’s supposed to walk alone ; so let’s walk together to a brighter future.

Be sure to subscribe so you get all my latest posts, I’ll share everything that I learnt about being human and magic. Because life is magical and I dare hope that one day everyone will see it that way.

And if you are curious, you’re welcome to visit my « The Author » page, where I talk a little more about myself.

Love to you all.

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